Friday, December 05, 2008

Okemo MT Vermont Sold

With the economic down turn and families cancelling ski vacations this is no surprise. One of the last family run ski areas is being sold.
CNL Lifestyle Properties Inc., a real-estate investment trust based in Orlando, Fla., is expected to announce that it will acquire three U.S. ski resorts for $132 million. The purchase includes Crested Butte, Mount Sunapee and Okemo. The company owns several other ski properties, including Sugarloaf in Maine and Mammoth Mountain Village in California, as well as dozens of golf courses and water parks.
According to sources Triple Peaks LLC of Ludlow, Vt., which currently owns and operates the ski areas CNL will buy, will continue as operator of Okemo located in Ludlow VT.
Lets hope Okemo doesnt change with this sale. The Resort has become one of the best run resorts in New England by offering great service and on mountain food at affordable prices. No dried out hamburgers at Okemo. Theirs nowhere else that you can get a taco salad loaded with all the fixings for under $8.00.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Man With Jet Pack Fly's Over Royal Gorge Canyon

Jet Pack Man makes 1'500 feet accross the Royal Gorge Canyon in Canon City Colorado. Pilot Eric Scott has done it. Eric Scott had 30 seconds of fuel to set a World Record For a Jet Pack Flight.

Scott Said that the Jet Pack needed to be modified for his flight. We have found a Youtube Video of Eric Scott demonstraiting his Personal Jet Pack.

Skiing is slow in Colorado now and this Jet Pack Pilot has really created a buzz. You YES YOU can become a Jet Pack Pilot. Click Here for details on The Jet Pack Pilot Search.

Locally we had no live feeds from the site, so I'm keeping a eye on youTube for the release of a video and hope to update the Video and have The Actual Jet Pack Flight Accross the Canyon soon

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arapaho Basin and Loveland Tie for First Opening Day

Loveland Ski Area and Arapaho Basin tied for first ski resorts to open for the 2008-2009 ski season.
I haven't been but some boarders staying were I am told me the first day was packed with Colorado Resort Employee's.
I'm in Beaver Creek and have no ski's. Housing is so hard to find that I left my ski's at home and having them shipped once I have a full time place to live.
Yup that's right The Northeast Ski Zone is skiing Beaver Creek this season.
I have so many connections back home readers here will still find relevant information here plus Colorado info as a bonus.
Moving to Colorado to teach Ski School isnt easy. The housing situation is so messed up. There are 100's of people looking for housing and rents can go from $700.00 and up.
Well keep coming back we finally have a Wi-Fi signal and I will be posting regularly again.
Well Sundayriver Open Halloween is the next mile stone

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Snow In The Forcast For Northern New England

Just when hiking and foliage was on our minds snow is predicted on both coasts this week 10/1. My favorite News Station NECN's Matt Noyes says we can expect snow showers in Northern Vermont Friday night.
The area snow is expected is in the higher altitudes in a area I like to call the snowbowl. The area northeast of Burlington Vermont were J Peak is located gets massive amounts of snow every year. Storms blow in accross the lakes, over Burlington and let it go. Huge amounts of snow get deposited in the mountains.
This is my favorite time of year. The leaves are turning and we can see the weather patterns turn towards what skiers like to see. Instead of the patterns swinging south and then back north with warm temps, the pattern tends to stay north and grab cool air from Canada. Start to look for reports of people hiking up Killingtons and Mad River Glen soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Bye Summer 2008, Fall In New England Is Here

Hope everyone had a good summer because it's over this weekend. Time to kiss your summer lover goodbye and start thinking about ski and Snowboard season. The 21st of Sept marks colder temps and leaf peeping. As a matter of fact snow flurries are predicted in northern Maine.

The Farmers Almanac is predicting lots of snow this winter so I suggest saving up some cash for gas and consider season passe's for you favorite resort. Resorts are dropping there price's for season pass's to get folks to the mountains.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vail Resorts Introduces the EPIC 5 Resort Ski Pass 08/09

Vail Resorts Management run the hottest properties around the USA for outdoor enthusiasts and for Skiers & Snowboarders they have introduced the Epic Season Pass for there best winter resorts. The Ski Pass can save you money even on a vacation.
$579.00 gets unrestricted access to Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge and Heavenly Ski Resorts. A single day lift ticket during peak season at any major resort is about $70.00 plus.
The Epic Season Pass is the only ski pass that offers Unrestricted (no blackout dates) and Unlimited (where you want, when you want) at the resorts.
This is a incredible value. You ski the best ski resorts in the country for a season for the cost of a weeks worth of passe's.

Experience Fairmont Ski Resorts

Wyndham Vacation Selects

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snowing In Summit County Colorado in August

Can you believe it. Snowing in Summit County above the Eisenhower Tunnel in August of 08. Arapaho Basin Ski area is in the background. See the snow. The weather around the country has been nice and mild in most places. Though a little extreme some places. Mount Mansfield VT has received 14 inch's of rain this August, But in the mid west the corn farmers are ready to harvest there best year ever according to Matt Noyes of NECN.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Reduced H-2B Visa's, Resorts Suffer, Ski Resort Jobs

So what are resorts to do when the government stops issuing Visa's for seasonal workers ? Everyone suffers. The patrons, business owners or the workers themselves. Everyone in my opinion. Here on Summer Base Camp Cape Cod I use to own and run a home remodeling company till I was hurt real bad. I use to hire 4 to 10 Irish students to work every summer. Once Ireland's economy turned around the students from Ireland stopped coming. The ones who did come to Cape Cod didn't want to work. They came for fun. We have always had a big Brazilian community, but the Brazilians didn't come to work for me or anyone else really they started there own business's. This created a stir around Cape Cod. Lots of upset folks saying they where stealing jobs. Total BS INMO.
Resorts and restaurants from Florida to Maine are reporting that they have received a 3rd less foreign H-2B Visa Workers this summer (08) and the customers are suffering.
So whats a resort to do ? Hire locals and have huge recruiting events. One of the biggest resort recruiting events is for Vail Resorts. Want a Ski Job at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Heavenly, Breckenridge, Rock Resorts or Grand Teton Lodge. Go to Ski Jobs 1 . Vail has recruiting event around the USA, Australia, Canada and more during the summer every year. Usually in August and September. You can do just about any job you want. From driving a bus to giving ski lessons. They will pay you, house you, give you a season pass and much more. Could be the best days of your life.
A ski resort job is what you make it. Members of my family have been ski instructors for up to 30+ years and still only make $12.00 a hour so don't expect to get rich. Getting a ski resort job is more about enjoying life. If year seeking the comfort of your own home after work every day its probably not for you. If you are hired and offered employee housing you will have a room mate. Making the move to a Ski Resort Job should be thought out very carefully. You will need money before you get to your Ski Job. You will need to be able to support yourself for at least one month ! You will need to work all the Holiday Ski Weeks and if it's busy don't expect to have many Powder Days unless know one can get to the resorts and they don't need you.
All Ski Resorts need employee's and the 2008-2009 ski season they will need even more Citizen due to the Visa issues.
It's been my dream for many years to pack my bags and head to Vail. I lived less than 2 hours from Vail when I was very young and have wanted to work there basically my entire life. I even had a job at Vail ready for me driving a shuttle bus. Which is the best ski resort job you can have ! The week before I was to leave I broke my shoulder.
Lost Dream of working at a Ski Resort ? NO! Over the last four years I have built a Mini Web Site Empire with software named Build A Niche Store and I'm going to try to be a ski bum again. This time I will be more careful leading up to the move. LOL. I'm going to do it and I have my application submitted to Vail Resorts and will be at the recruiting event in Boston August 22 and 23rd 2008. Should work out for me. I have a nice income from building web sites and no kids to support, no dog and oil prices will be so high I can shut my house down and save $2'44.00 bucks in heating bills.
May not even work at a Ski Resort. I have actually done very well building web sites. When you brake your shoulder you can't do anything but sit and watch TV. Not for me, I bought a laptop and learned the SEM and SEO business, (Internet Marketing). My plan is to work at a Ski Resort just enough to get the Free Ski Pass, Food, shuttle bus discounts and a couple other benefits. More than likely part time ski school and find my own place to live. Many, Many Ski Bums rent condos and rent out rooms. Find a nice place to live is easy up till Thanks Giving or there abouts then price's go up. To rent your own place can range from $800 a month to 10K a month. The Towns of Vail and Avon (Beaver Creek) dislike cars ! so they have one of the best shuttle bus systems of the USA Ski Resorts. Roaring Forks. If you can't drop everything like me and just go for it try getting a part time job at a resort within driving distance. Any of the Ski Resorts listed in the sidebar here would be glad to have you. Watch for blog posts about moving to a Colorado Ski Resorts to Work. Hope I have better luck this time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barnstable County Fair July 18 Thru 26, The Village People

Located at Barnstable County Fairgrounds RT 151 East Falmouth Massachusetts. The Barnstable County Fair is one of the oldest County Fairs in the USA. The Barnstable County Agricultural Society held its first fair, consisting primarily of livestock and handicraft exhibits, in October of 1844 at the County Court House in Barnstable Village.
Today The Barnstable County Fair has been an annual summer tradition on Cape Cod for 164 years. The Fair is a place where families can spend the day together and share experiences they can only experience at the Barnstable County Fair. There are animal shows, 4-H demonstrations, petting zoos, horticulture displays, rides, games, live music, arts & crafts, food and commercial vendors with various arts and crafts for sale. The Fair also has a huge Midway from Rockwell Amusements.
Click Entertainment For Schedule. Demolishion Derby is July 23rd, thats my favorite, and The Village People are performing July 25Th. Remember them.
A locals way of getting around Cape Cod. Cape Cod and Barnstable County has some of the worst traffic of any tourist destination you will find. People have been known to sit in traffic for hours to go just a few miles. Locals hardly ever sit in traffic. Why ? The back roads of Cape Cod. Before coming to Cape Cod Buy a good map or get to know your 3G Smartphone , iPhone or GPS Map System. There are roads all around the Barnstable County Fair Grounds that you can use. If you are coming from Hyannis towards mashpee/ East Falmouth look for Barnstable Road. Barnstable road forks off to the right just before the Mashpee rotary and go's around the rotary. Follow it to the 1st stop sign and go strait through and follow it to Rt 151 and turn right. Once you turn right onto 151 you may come to a dead stop. look on your map for Johns Pond and the roads around it (Right Side Of 151). These roads are extensive so don't get lost, but some of the come out behind the Fair Grounds. You can duck out of traffic instead of sitting in your car wasting gas.
If you are coming from the Falmouth, Bourne area look for Sandwich Rd. If you take a good look at a good map you will find roads coming in from every direction. Basiclly you want to avoid Rt 28 and rt 151 as much as possible till the last minute. Click Directions To Barnstable County Fair for Google Mapping to the Barnstable County Fair.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New England Ski Museum Franconia Notch State Park

Need a idea for mini vacation or what is becoming known as "Staycation". How about The New England Ski Museum.


The museum is located at the base area of the Cannon Mountain Ariel Tramway in Franconia Notch State Park, Franconia, NH . Visitors can make a day of it by taking in the summer views of Franconia Notch by taking a ride on the Tram to the top of Cannon Mountain and maybe have a picnic 4,186' above sea level.

View From Peabody Base Lodge
After lunch visit The New England Ski Museum and learn about the the history of skiing. The museum was founded in 1977; and opened in 1982 and is non profit. The New England Ski Museum is one of only four ski museums recognized by the USSA. Admission is free.
At the museum you will find a collection of antique wooden ski's, original film footage, news paper articles scrapbooks and much more. As you approach the museum the first thing you see is the original Tram Car and one of the last Mt. Cranmoore Skimobile Sleds.


The Mount Cranmore Skimobile 1938 to 1989

Cannon Mountain Ariel Tramway Wheel House
Tram Cars Meet Half Way
Getting to this region of New Hampshire is easy. Access directly from I-93!
Take I-93 north, or south, depending on your starting point. Once you have reached Franconia Notch State Park, I-93:
Exit 34A - Flume Gorge & Gilman Visitor's Center (closed in winter months)
Exit 34B - Cannon Mountain Tramway (advanced skiers/snowboarders), New England Ski Museum
Exit 34C - Peabody Base Lodge with Snowsports School, Rental Shop, Retail Shop, Childcare and access to all terrain.
All photo's are the property of Northeast Ski Zone and are not to be used without written permission

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 - New Hampshire news - NH resorts celebrate best winter ever - Wednesday, Jun. 11, 2008 - New Hampshire news - NH resorts celebrate best winter ever - Wednesday, Jun. 11, 2008
LINCOLN – New Hampshire ski resort operators gathered in the 90-degree heat yesterday to bask in the warmth of their past season, which broke an all-time record for skier visits.

The state’s ski industry reported 2,366,706 skier visits at alpine ski areas, beating the record set in 2001 of 2,357,000, said Karl Stone, spokesman for Ski NH.

"Everything fell in place," Stone said. "It shows what weather can do for us."

The organization, which markets the state’s 31 ski areas, both alpine and nordic, held its spring meeting at the InnSeason Resorts in Lincoln.

"The numbers this year were pretty pleasing," Greg Goddard, president of Ski NH and general manager of Gunstock in Gilford.

Nationally, the ski industry also set an all time record of 60.1 million skier visits. A visit is recorded when a skier or snowboarder spends a day or a portion of a day at a ski area.

Cannon Mountain took the overall record this year for snowfall, recording 251 inches; many ski areas reported over 200 inches. Average snowfall for a New Hampshire ski area is about 120 inches a year.

Cross country ski areas benefited tremendously from the natural snowfall and saw 151,040 skier visits, almost a 50 percent increase from the previous season, said Alice Pearce, executive director of Ski NH. Snow tubing visits were at 119,053 a 30 percent increase from the previous year.

Alpine visits were up 20.7 percent from the past year.

Bill Quigley, marketing chairman for the organization and also marketing director at Gunstock, said the coming season’s message will be that New Hampshire ski areas are less than a gas tank away. The industry’s primary market is Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hardcore Skiers In New England Ski Tuckermans Ravine

Its official. The ski and snowboard season is over for 2007-2008 in the Northeast. Sugarloaf managed to hang on into May. Even Sugarloaf USA has started Golf Season. A late April snow storm kept dreams of powder alive for a couple extra weeks. The northern Mts. may still get some more snow this year. Matt Noyes of NECN has snow in the forcast for the weekend.
Hardcore Skiers and riders are turning there attention to Tuckerman Ravine on MT Washington. See today's WebCam Shots. One of the forum members put this trip report together. Pretty awesome.
My next post will be a video and photo wrap up of the 2007-2008 season. Check out the Camping Gear Reviews coming soon

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Okemo Mountain Computer Hacked Credit Card Numbers Stolen

Drinking my coffee this morning and what do I hear on the radio? Okemo Mountain in Ludlow Vermont had there computers hacked in February 2008. If I heard right over 20'000 credit card numbers where stolen. If this isnt enough for those affected, (me being one) they also said this is not the first time.
After scouring the the Okemo Press Releases I have found nothing about this. New England has seen this before with TJMaxx/TJX, Hannafords Grocery Stores and a group of thieves installing keypads at other stores in Rhode Island and throughout the region.
Okemo's been a busy place this year. Epic conditions has been the norm. Typical New England hard pack one day, lite powder the next. Check out my Brother in-law his friend and myself in the back. We were in the woods January 1st 2008. We could have stayed in the woods all day if we wanted. Started snowing aroun 6 AM and didn't stop all day and neither did we. Mind you my brother in-law ski's every day and usually leaves the mountain by 10 or 11 AM.
Getting back on topic. It would be a good idea to check you credit report if you used a credit or debit card at Okemo.

Get Equifax Score Power

Friday, March 14, 2008

Snowboarders Poach Mad River Glen

Mad River Glen in Vermont has never allowed Snowboarders. I devout group of skiers own the the Ski Area and Maintian it. With the modo Ski It If You Can take it serious. Mad River hates to groom its trails. One of the last old school New England Ski Areas.
Check out this group of Snowboarder Poaching Mad River. If you would like to hike up, check out a map of the Long Trail.

Start Your Free Trial Now!

Clearance Solomon Snowboarding Equipment

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding Movies

I have been doing some searching for extreme Skiing movies and found some real cool ones to share. Check them out. You can also find Teton Gravity Research and Warren Miller Movies. Ski season across the USA has been Epic 2007-2008. Sunday River in Maine has received 15 feet of snow. Sounds like a statistic from Utah or Steamboat Springs Colorado doesnt it. Check out these clips. This one guy call this kite skiing I call it crazy.

60 Foot Cliff Drop

Friday, March 07, 2008

New England Ski Pass Spring Sale

From Loon Mountain, Sunday River and Sugarloaf Announce
2008-2009 New England Pass
Spring sale offers bonus savings to current season pass holders and free spring skiing to new season pass purchasers starting March 23
NEWRY, MAINE (March 3, 2008) - Three of New England's premier ski destinations, Loon® Mountain, Sunday River and Sugarloaf, will be available on one season pass for the 2008-2009 winter season. The New England Pass goes on sale March 7 and offers a $50 bonus savings to current Threedom® and Maine Pass holders and free spring skiing to new season pass purchasers starting on March 23.

New England Pass prices start at $349 during the spring sale and offer access to New Hampshire's Loon Mountain and Maine's Sunday River and Sugarloaf: a total of 305 trails; 1,644 acres; 13 terrain parks; and 5 super/halfpipes; all served by 45 lifts. Current pass holders at Loon Mountain, Sunday River and Sugarloaf who upgrade or maintain an unrestricted pass (Gold or Anytime) or certain restricted passes (Silver or Limited Edition) will save an additional $50 when they purchase their 2008-09 New England Pass during the spring sale, which will be underway through April 30.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Former Owner of 4Cs Ice Cream Dies In Skiing Accident

We were to write about the Epic skiing and riding happening around the Northeast during December and the 1st days of of 08 when we were shocked to hear about the death of a beloved local man Richard Warren. A very sad day in New England. Anyone who travels around New England has been to Cape Cod and more than likely has been to 4Cs Ice Cream.

"Richard Warren, the former owner of a Cape landmark — Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville — died Saturday after a downhill skiing accident.
Warren, 72, was remembered yesterday by family and friends as a generous man with boundless energy. He spent more than four decades running the nationally recognized ice cream shop. But he never limited himself to one thing, friends and family said.
Warren, an avid sportsman, spent more than 30 years as a teacher and guidance counselor at Barnstable High School.
He lived full-throttle, his family said. That was no different Saturday when he was downhill skiing at Attitash resort in Bartlett, N.H.
Douglas Warren said his dad hit a patch of ice and struck a tree off the trail. He died later in the day of chest injuries. He was wearing a helmet, his son said.
"He didn't like to sit still for very long," Douglas said. "He never wanted to become complacent or stagnant."
Richard Warren started working at Four Seas in 1956 when he was a student at Boston University. Four years later, he purchased it from the original owner, W. Wells Watson.
In the meantime, he started his teaching career at Barnstable High School. For 15 years, he taught English and public speaking. He spent the next 15 years as a guidance counselor, retiring in 1988." Read more from Cape Cod Times.

The first week of the 2008 ski season was epic. With 12 to 18 inch's of snow that was more like western snow than the heavy wet stuff we usually get in these parts. After about January 5th the weather warmed and the condition became worse each day. The North East Ski Zone Skiers and riders have been out all season and have seen it first hand.
Our sympathy's are with Mr Warren Family. The North East Ski Zone Base is on Cape Cod and I knew Mr Warren years ago. I think he died doing what he loved, but he would be the first one to remind us to wear a HELMET and ski in control at all times.
I will be back to write about the Epic December and January 1st powder day after this sinks in.
Be careful out there everyone.