Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Opening Days Getting Closer

Sorry about not posting for a couple days. I will be passing on some paragraphs from the many of the gear and resort sites that E mail me daily. The warming trend around the north east has put the brakes on a lot of the snow making attemps. BUT, most of them are attempting to open for Thanks Giving. Lets hope theirs no walking involved. Sunday River says, "This is the week when temps are forecast to turn in our favor. This is the week that we see many of you at the Boston Ski Show. This is the week that we announced our purchase of wind power to offset 100% of our electricity usage. " I live in center of a wind farm controversy. It's great to see someone actually doing it. The Mueller family ( Owners of Okemo) have also started purchasing power generated by wind. Lets us hope the list will continue to grow. Resorts use a tremendous amount of electricity. The first thought to come some minds would be lower ticket prices. Not likely. Check out what Okemo had to say today. "Hey out there skiers and ridersÂ…Stacy here with your countdown to opening day!
WeÂ’re in the homestretch now! Although Mother Nature seems to be holding out on us a little when it comes winter weather, Okemos top-ranked team of snowmakers has the guns aimed and at the ready to fill in where she left off! Unfortunately, this warm stretch has forced us to push back our opening day. We won't be able open this weekend as originally planned, but rest assured that we will open the very second temps allow.
We began making snow back at the beginning of November and were able to create a solid base layer of white up at the top of Upper World Cup and Buckhorn. Even though the snowguns have been put on a temporary hold, I was just up at the summit a couple days ago and am happy to report thereÂ’s still plenty of snow to go around. And you can bet the very second the mercury allows weÂ’ll fire the guns back up and have our team out there in full force. Be sure to check out these great photos from the first day of snowmaking for a taste of whatÂ’s to come!." In this case we may be taking a bus to the lift. Jay is'nt doing much better even with altitude. This is what they had to report on .14" Nov 06 While we've still got some snow on the moutian (up top, mostly on trails we hit with snowmaking last week) we haven't had temps to make snow this week. Looks like it's going to cool down towards the end of the week into the weekend and we've even got some flurries in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Cooler temps over the weekend also mean we'll get the guns fired up again and lay down some more snow starting with upper Stateside (Jet, UN, Haynes) and working our way down toward the base (lower Jet, Chalet Meadows, etc.) as temps permit.
The weather hasn't been as cooperative as we'd hoped so it's unlikely we'll be able to open early but we're aiming for out traditional opening day - US Thanksgiving (23 Nov 06).
Stay tuned for updates" Check out Jays photo's here. The annual Boston ski show is here once again. It is unfortunate they charge to get in, but you can save a couple bucks by downloading a coupon. Well thats it for today. Please keep coming back and please visit web site If you own a rental property you can make it desirerable to renters by having WiFi. It's fast and easy to set up, and it will keep your guest connected. The world is going wireless and so should you. Visitors look for Wifi.