Friday, December 22, 2006

Temps Falling In The North East

Temps are finally falling in the north east. Resorts have been in panic mode along with skiers and boarders. Some are kicking them selves for not buying travelers insurance. Their isn't one resort that is 100 % open and it looks like we wont be seeing snow in the woods for Christmas. Denver appears to have takin all the Holiday snow. Keep in touch aqnd keep coming back.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Killington's report The season is realy picking up

Wow I hav'nt posted in awhile , Pre-Christmas. But now that the season is picking up. So shall I. Killington is usualy a good gauge to see how a season is progressing, but this year they had a hard start just like everyone else. Here's what they have to say today. Trails: 35Lifts: 12Miles of Terrain: 12Grooming Plan: 27Surface Conditions: Packed Powder/Machine Groomed New Snow 24: 0This weekend is wrapping up very nicely with recent snow and expanded terain. For Sunday we're skiing and riding on 35 trails served by 12 lifts. Snowshed Slope is open with terrain for all ability levels, while the Superstar Express Quad and Canyon Quad will provide access to advanced trails such as Skye Lark, Superstar Headwall and Lower East Fall! Our snowmaking crew worked overtime and added six more trails for Sunday! For Sunday we're grooming up 27 trails, plus two open terrain parks with 10 features! Not Bad AH. Keep coming back. Thanks all

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mt. Ellen, Sugarbush is the first & only resort open in Vermont!

Soory I havn't been posting I'v'e been work on . I now carry Magellan GPS's And their all on sale Well heres the email and reports I can find. I do have a first hand account of what's happening at okemo. DANGER to many people for the amount of open terrian. Four colisions were witnessed, Be carfull out their and be defencive. Ending the season the first day of the season. from Sugerbus My We're Open!
Thanks to some solid snowmaking on top of Come on over and make your first turns before anyone else in Vermont! , and here's Killington's news from today Thanks to our incredible snowmaking team, you'll experience top to bottom skiing served by the K-1 Gondola on Killington Peak and the Snowdon Triple on Snowdon Mountain serving 6 miles of the MOST open terrain in the East on 16 trails - 14 of them groomed! Plus, two terrain parks on Reason and Upper Double Dipper, featuring numerous hits, rails and boxes! The majority of OPEN terrain is designated as MORE DIFFICULT or MOST DIFFICULT. There is no EASIER route from top-to-bottom. Please make sure your decision to ski or ride with this in mind. Early season conditions exist. Ski and ride only on open trails. Fencing, ropes and signage are in place to inform you and indicate possible hazards or obstacles. Please check out for your tech needs

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Opening Days Getting Closer

Sorry about not posting for a couple days. I will be passing on some paragraphs from the many of the gear and resort sites that E mail me daily. The warming trend around the north east has put the brakes on a lot of the snow making attemps. BUT, most of them are attempting to open for Thanks Giving. Lets hope theirs no walking involved. Sunday River says, "This is the week when temps are forecast to turn in our favor. This is the week that we see many of you at the Boston Ski Show. This is the week that we announced our purchase of wind power to offset 100% of our electricity usage. " I live in center of a wind farm controversy. It's great to see someone actually doing it. The Mueller family ( Owners of Okemo) have also started purchasing power generated by wind. Lets us hope the list will continue to grow. Resorts use a tremendous amount of electricity. The first thought to come some minds would be lower ticket prices. Not likely. Check out what Okemo had to say today. "Hey out there skiers and ridersÂ…Stacy here with your countdown to opening day!
WeÂ’re in the homestretch now! Although Mother Nature seems to be holding out on us a little when it comes winter weather, Okemos top-ranked team of snowmakers has the guns aimed and at the ready to fill in where she left off! Unfortunately, this warm stretch has forced us to push back our opening day. We won't be able open this weekend as originally planned, but rest assured that we will open the very second temps allow.
We began making snow back at the beginning of November and were able to create a solid base layer of white up at the top of Upper World Cup and Buckhorn. Even though the snowguns have been put on a temporary hold, I was just up at the summit a couple days ago and am happy to report thereÂ’s still plenty of snow to go around. And you can bet the very second the mercury allows weÂ’ll fire the guns back up and have our team out there in full force. Be sure to check out these great photos from the first day of snowmaking for a taste of whatÂ’s to come!." In this case we may be taking a bus to the lift. Jay is'nt doing much better even with altitude. This is what they had to report on .14" Nov 06 While we've still got some snow on the moutian (up top, mostly on trails we hit with snowmaking last week) we haven't had temps to make snow this week. Looks like it's going to cool down towards the end of the week into the weekend and we've even got some flurries in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Cooler temps over the weekend also mean we'll get the guns fired up again and lay down some more snow starting with upper Stateside (Jet, UN, Haynes) and working our way down toward the base (lower Jet, Chalet Meadows, etc.) as temps permit.
The weather hasn't been as cooperative as we'd hoped so it's unlikely we'll be able to open early but we're aiming for out traditional opening day - US Thanksgiving (23 Nov 06).
Stay tuned for updates" Check out Jays photo's here. The annual Boston ski show is here once again. It is unfortunate they charge to get in, but you can save a couple bucks by downloading a coupon. Well thats it for today. Please keep coming back and please visit web site If you own a rental property you can make it desirerable to renters by having WiFi. It's fast and easy to set up, and it will keep your guest connected. The world is going wireless and so should you. Visitors look for Wifi.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jackson Hole Says

The snow is already falling and the wait is almost over in Jackson Hole! Winter is here, and we're on the brink of yet another incredible season of skiing and riding in the Tetons.
By the numbers, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is home to 2,500 acres of inbounds terrain spread over a 4,139' vertical rise, all covered with an average of 459 inches (over 38 feet!) of deep, fluffy powder each winter. The numbers, however, can't possibly tell the whole story – with runs like Corbet's Couloir, the Alta Chutes and the Hobacks, the terrain at Jackson Hole is legendary. But that's not to say that it's all steep and deep; fifty percent of the terrain is rated as beginner or intermediate, with plenty of wide-open corduroy groomers and an experienced Mountain Sports School for those looking to make their first turns. There's something for everyone at Jackson Hole!

Okemo's getin it going for the 18th

I love this place. My sister was married in Ludlow and skied with her bridal veil. We had to ride the shuttle up the road to second set of lifts this was all before Thanks Giving. I'm bias because of all the time I spend their, but these folks really do A good job at everything they do. The new Jackson Gore base area is getting even bigger with the second health club being finished and phase 2 building looked like it was coming along last time I was their hot tubing. I love resorts in the summer you get the whole place to your self. Jackson Gore is the future of resorts. I don't miss the days of getting ready in the parking lot one bit. Here some thing from their email.Season About to Get Underway
Projected Opening Day: November 18th

Mother Nature has definitely begun her awakening. We've been blessed with a few warm-up storms, which really only serve to make you crave more. The good news is that our snowmakers are in full gear - in fact, snowmaking began last weekend>>Read our What's New Review or check out the great photos from early season snowmaking. Soory abot the links I'm trying to fix the broken one
s, but most of them work. I will be adding more very very soon. Thanks all. Please keep coming back

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stratton Fire's Up The Snow Guns

Todays email from Stratton . Ladies and Gentlemen, tune your skis and snowboards because it's starting to feel a lot like winter here at Stratton Mountain. We fired up the snowguns for the first time last Thursday night, laying down a base on "The Bears": Black Bear, Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear. From there we move on to Snow Bowl, with the team poised to make snow at every opportunity as we gear up for Opening Day 2007.Meanwhile, the snow is falling from every direction with those tower guns blasting and pine trees bowing beneath Mother Nature's own first storm. We've set our sights on opening November 22. Mark your calendars and get ready!

The rumor mill

Hi everyone. So Sunday river didn't open. I got caught up in the hip. Just so you all know, the purpose of this blog is merely add as much information about skiing and some snow boarding that I can find on the internet. By no means do I consider myself an expert of anything except as a skier. I scour the internet in my spare time and try to post interesting topic's and links. If I step on anyone's toes, it is unintentional. I still am not sure how cool it is to post photo's from resorts. I have read some things that lead me to believe that doing it could come back to haunt me. So I will just be adding links for now. I hope to eventually be a one stop click for your daily snow reports and skiers news. I do have an inside ear. You will here more about this as I get comfortable with my postings. Please keep coming back and click around the resorts. My goal is to have navigation of the site as easy as possible. I still have a lot to learn about blogging so please bare with me. HAVE A GREAT DAY

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday River Opens Monday 11/06/06 ??

So it's Official Sunday river is opening tommarow. When I saw this post I couldn't beleive it. It's since been updated to a rumor.
Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 4:57 pm Post subject: ITS OFFICIAL! 9:00 OPENING TOMMOROW (MONDAY)

Just got off the phone with Sunday River. She said they were opening tommorow at 9. See you at the lift line!!! Any bets on what trails will be open? / :::::::::::**UPDATE**::::::::::::::: The validity of this is under some debate. Since I posted this there have been arguements both supporting this information and going against it. Obviously we're still waiting on the officiall announce. Last edited by Cach76 on Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:29 pm; edited 1 time in total Check it out here I wish I was their even if it dosn't happen. Have fun everyone. See you real soon. I trying to add as many links as possable but they keep going dead please let me know about any dead links. Thanks all. Keep coming back

Friday, November 03, 2006

Minus -16 On Mt Washington NH Tonight

All outadoors persons should check out The Mt Washington Observatory web site. At the time of this post it was -16.4f. I feel for any hikers on the trail tonight. Here's what they have posted. A high pressure system sitting over the eastern US will hold our weather conditions fairly consistent for the next two days. A low chance for light snow showers today and tonight continues on the higher summits due to upslope cooling. Winds will be consistently similar to yesterdays. Temperatures will fluctuate from overnight low temperatures in the single digits to the lower teens in the afternoons. The higher summits will be sitting in the top of an undercast cloud layer, which means that we could see some intermittent breaks in the fog but there won't be much to see except the sky. Windchills through this forecast period will be 10 to 20 below zero. Check out their link to the left.

The Snows Guns Begin Blazing

So it's been confirmed. The snow guns have been started at Sunday River and Killington. The web sites and forums were on fire last night with reports that these two resorts started blowing snow Nov 2. I'm willing to bet their not the only one's. You can also look for Okemo to start Saturday if not today. This time of year I always find my self at the NOAA web site watching the weather patterns. I'm no weather man, but as a builder for 20 years and learned New England weather patterns out of necessity. When that first blast of cold air falls on us like a over filled water balloon about to let go, we know it's time to put the bags by the front door ready to go. Here's the NOAA- Killington report . The NOAA link will be added to the links. I hope everyone has their gear ready. It sounds funny to some, but it is very important to test fit everything. Their nothing worse than getting to the hill on your first day and finding your gloves have holes in them or your goggles are cracked or even worse your boots need re-fitting. An oversight could mean you'll be the first at the bar that day. Well I'm still building the page. Notice the new links. I will be scouring our local sites and forums for further reports. Thank you please come back.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here we go again. The big guess. Who will open first and when on our side of the country. Well any of us who have actually been to opening day at the Big K, knows ware. The Glades or what ever they call it these days. Wildcat was an awesome surprise last season but not a yearly occurrence from what I can recall. I recommend wearing some padding if you land up at Killington. It can get pretty dangerous under that chair. With so many jonesing skiers in one place and no place to bailout ,their is a high potential for some bad wipeouts. You also might want to wear some padding if you interact on some of the forums that have this subject come up every Oct. They can get pretty nasty. One imparticular seems to have a lot of members who live hundreds of miles from any decent snow, but seem to know more about what's happening around openings than locals. I can pass along one tidbit of info. My sister who has been at the same mountain for 15 years was called in a week early this year. It looks like we will have more competition for opening day glory this year. When I say opening I mean top to bottom none of this 100 foot patch of white dirt. It would be great to see Sunday River make there plans to open next week come together. It's my personal favorite. Thanks For checking out North East Ski Zone. I'm just getting started and hope to have some decent content. You will also see the links list begin to grow. I'm hoping to add a link to every snow report in New England. And a lot of the Adsense will be taken off. I am only a rookie bloger so if you see the page messed up one day it should be fixed fairly quick, so keep coming back. I have a wealth of information to share. I have been skiing in New England for almost 40 years and look forward to any input for this site.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More snow in the forcast today.
Well I messed up an edit so this post is probably messed up. I tried to add the photo of the day from Sunday River , but I messed that up. If you would like have a link added here ,post your link in the comments and will add it if it works with the site. evryone should stay tuned. I plan on building this site into a monster and hope to have alot of content, and lots of links. I learned to ski before I could walk and skiing is my passion. We've had a couple snow storms up north this week and we'are all very excited to start shredding. You can find a feed to the first known tracks for the 06-07 season in New England at . The feed is from Jordon Bowl Sunday river Maine and heres the feed If anyone would like to help build this site and get it exsposed to the net, contact me. Also check out my web site

Monday, October 23, 2006