Friday, November 03, 2006

The Snows Guns Begin Blazing

So it's been confirmed. The snow guns have been started at Sunday River and Killington. The web sites and forums were on fire last night with reports that these two resorts started blowing snow Nov 2. I'm willing to bet their not the only one's. You can also look for Okemo to start Saturday if not today. This time of year I always find my self at the NOAA web site watching the weather patterns. I'm no weather man, but as a builder for 20 years and learned New England weather patterns out of necessity. When that first blast of cold air falls on us like a over filled water balloon about to let go, we know it's time to put the bags by the front door ready to go. Here's the NOAA- Killington report . The NOAA link will be added to the links. I hope everyone has their gear ready. It sounds funny to some, but it is very important to test fit everything. Their nothing worse than getting to the hill on your first day and finding your gloves have holes in them or your goggles are cracked or even worse your boots need re-fitting. An oversight could mean you'll be the first at the bar that day. Well I'm still building the page. Notice the new links. I will be scouring our local sites and forums for further reports. Thank you please come back.

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