Friday, November 03, 2006

Minus -16 On Mt Washington NH Tonight

All outadoors persons should check out The Mt Washington Observatory web site. At the time of this post it was -16.4f. I feel for any hikers on the trail tonight. Here's what they have posted. A high pressure system sitting over the eastern US will hold our weather conditions fairly consistent for the next two days. A low chance for light snow showers today and tonight continues on the higher summits due to upslope cooling. Winds will be consistently similar to yesterdays. Temperatures will fluctuate from overnight low temperatures in the single digits to the lower teens in the afternoons. The higher summits will be sitting in the top of an undercast cloud layer, which means that we could see some intermittent breaks in the fog but there won't be much to see except the sky. Windchills through this forecast period will be 10 to 20 below zero. Check out their link to the left.

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