Friday, May 29, 2009

Tips For Skiing With Kids, Ski Saftey Tips

Ski helmets are a good idea. If your child wears a ski helmet, remember you may have to raise your voice more to get their attention because a helmet may impede their hearing. Make sure the helmet fits correctly. A ski helmet is not an item you buy for your child to grow into. Educate your child about the benefits and limitations of the helmet. Wearing a helmet doesn’t give permission to ski or snowboard faster or recklessly.
Dress in layers. Layering allows you to accommodate your body's constantly changing temperature. For example, dress your kids in polypropylene underwear (top and bottoms) which feels good next to the skin, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and keeps you warm. Your kids should also wear a turtleneck, sweater and waterproof jacket. Never dress in cotton. Cotton retains moisture which makes you cold.
Be prepared. nature has a mind of her own. Kids should wear a hat or headband, 80 percent of heat-loss is through the head. Kids should also wear gloves or mittens (mittens are usually better for kids who are susceptible to cold hands).
Be sure they wear sun protection, even on cloudy days. The sun reflects off the snow and is stronger than you think! A ski vacation with a sun burn is no fun!
Kids should have sunglasses and goggles with them. Skiing is a lot more fun when you can see. Always wear eye protection. The Sun is stronger at altitude so wear goggles and use sunscreen.
When buying ski wear, look for fabric that is water and wind-resistant. Look for wind flaps to shield zippers, snug cuffs at wrists and ankles, collars that can be snuggled up to the chin and deep pockets. Be sure to buy your children quality clothing products.
Be sure you child has the name and phone number of your hotel written down on a piece of paper and it's in a secure pocket. If you carry a cell phone, include this number too.
When you've decide what area to take your ski trip, call the ski resorts in the area and research how each area's children ski school programs are structured. Ask about the number of kids in the class? What if your child gets cold? What if your child wants to stop skiing after one hour? Does the ski school offer pagers?
Put your kids in ski school to get them on the right track. Children’s instructors know how to teach kids, it's their business. Then you'll enjoy skiing with your kids and they will be proud to show you their skiing abilities.
Although it is very unlikely that your child would get separated from the instructor, be sure your child has a trail map and is able to remember the instructor's name.
Make sure your child knows when to stop skiing. For example, if the clothing layer next to their skin stays wet and they’re chilled, if they’re injured, have a problem with equipment or even if they’re simply worn out. Teach them that it’s alright to stop before the end of the day and breaks are fun.
Make a place to meet if you get separated, for example, at the bottom of chairlift number 3. The walkie talkies now available are convenient and a big hit on the slopes.
Starting your kids early, opens a world of adventure, fun, laughter and beautiful scenery unsurpassed, from many other sports and interests. It's a tremendous feeling to learn that your kids' fondest childhood memories were of your family ski vacations and now skiing has become an important element in their lives. Your kids will be forever grateful to you when they become adults! Don't skimp on gear. Your child will remember the day on the sloops. Make it a happy memory. Ski boots are the most important after a helmet. Boots need to fit just right. After you buy ski boots bring them to a professional fitter and have a foot bed made. Foot beds are all over now. If you don't have one I will bet your feet hurt. Just get the kids a foot bed. It's worth every penny and your kids will have good memories.

Also remember with the ever evolving ski industry their are men's and women ski equipment. Girls have a different stance and need women's specific equipment or gear. My brother and sister and I all started skiing very young. I was 4. It is the most rewarding activity in my life. Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fort Myers FLA Cute Bear Caught on Video

This bear is so cute. Hey they have bears too.

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A black bear visited a Fort Myers business.

Florida Fish and Wildlife biologists have a trap set up to catch the bear.

The bear lives in woods near the Caloosa Tent and Rentals business on Metro Parkway, that's near Colonial Boulevard. On Monday the bear got food from a dumpster at the business.

Wildlife officials want people to stay clear of the dumpster until the bear has been removed. They are not saying where they will relocate the bear. Link To Story

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vail Resorts Starts Forum For Epic Pass Users

It took almost a year, but it looks like Vail Resorts is going to interact with EPIC Pass owners with email offers and a new forum. Communicate with fellow skiers and snowboarders, search for coupons and deals. LINK
The EPIC Pass forum is the first season pass forum as far as I know. Skiing sites are hard to make viral on the intranet. Their are 4 or 5 authoritative sites like TGR and EPIC. Most resorts have sites now but most don't have a forum.
With 59.100 EPIC Pass owners for 08-09 this forum has a pre-built community.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

12 Hour Skiing and Snowboarding at Sunday River

There is a saying that the sun never sets in the land of cool and it could not be better suited anywhere than Sunday River. Thanks to the resort’s new 12-hour skiing and riding, you can keep on playing well into the evening.
With 12-hour skiing and riding on weekends and most holidays, there’s no need to rush to the slopes at sunrise and it doesn’t matter if you have to work on a powder day. There’s no need to wake the kids first thing in the morning for a full eight hours of skiing because with 12-hour skiing, you have the flexibility to ski during the morning, afternoon, evening, or all three. As the sun sets, there’s no race for the last chair because at the end of the day, there is still plenty of night.
Open trails will be groomed individually between 4pm and 5pm, allowing access to the majority of the terrain during this period and all terrain once grooming is complete.
Open for 12 hour skiing:
Dream Maker
Second Mile
South Ridge Park

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vail Resorts Epic Pass Available For 2009-2010

Vail Resorts announced that the popular EPIC PASS will be available for the 2009-2010 ski season. This is good news for anyone with the Ski Colorado itch. At $97 a day to ski or snowboard at Vail and or Beaver Creek the $579.00 cost of the EPIC Pass pays for itself after 5 days.
Vail Resorts based in Broomfield Colorado has also released the number of pass's sold for the 2008-2009 ski season at 59'100.
The no blackout EPIC PASS is good at all of Vail resorts including Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone or Heavenly Ca.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shaun White Wins Super Pipe At XGames 09

Shaun White has won the Super Pipe competition at The X-Games in Aspen Colorado.
This win marks the first time any competitor has won back to back gold in any event in the 13 year history of Winter X Games.
The competition was a little shaky as very few of the runs where complete. Most where washing out towards the ends of their runs. Aspen was in the mist of a blizzard which was filling the pipe with snow.
If you would like to attend the X Games make your arrangements early. X Games has locked in with Aspen until 2012. Aspen is big bucks. The earlier you make your hotel reservations the more you will save.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ski Lift Accedent Leaves Man Hanging By Pants


JANUARY 6--In a bizarre incident that will surely lead to litigation (or an out-of-court settlement), a skier at Colorado's ritzy Vail resort was left dangling upside down and pantsless from a chairlift last Thursday morning. The January 1 mishap apparently occurred after the male skier, 48, and a child boarded a high-speed lift in Vail's Blue Sky Basin. It appears that the chairlift's fold-down seat was somehow not in the lowered position, which caused the man to partially fall through the resulting gap. His right ski got jammed in the ascending chairlift, and that kept him upended since his boot never dislodged from its binding. Read More at Skier Suffers Exposure - January 6, 2009

Unfortunately this is not the only incident that happened at A Vail Resort property over the Holiday's Probably unreported but my brother and myself where skiing at Beaver Creek during the same period of time and witnessed two chairlift incidents.
The first was at Larkspur chair when a woman fell and the operator didn't stop the lift in time hitting the woman in the head. They simply picked the poor lady up and put her on the next chair.
The second indecent was at the rose bowl chair. A snowboarder didn't load properly and fell out of the chair after launch, landing 10 feet in front of the loading area. Again the lifties simply picked the guy up and put him on the next chair.

Do you see a pattern here? None of the lift operators apparently offered any medical attention or even a apology during the incidents my brother and I witnessed.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lady's Ski And Ride For $39.00 At Okemo Tuesday's

Know that all the holiday crowds have departed gather the girls and head to Okemo
Thats right Tuesday is Lady's Day at Okemo located in Ludlow Vermont. Women, Lady's, Girls can ski and ride for $39.00. Almost half off Okemo's $72.00 weekday lift ticket price.
Resorts are starting to follow ski manufacturers lead whom are designing and building Women's Specific Skis So look for deals for women from Ski Resorts, Ski Shops, and Resort Lodging,
Okemo also has the same deal for Vermont and New Hampshire residents on Wednesday's