Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer In New England

When most people think of summer in New England they think of the Sea Shore or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Well some like to get away from the crowded beaches of Cape Cod and hit the woods. Camping and Hiking can be more enjoyable when you have the right gear. Long over night or multi night Camping and Hiking trip require much different equipment.
For a one night Camping and Hiking trips you can get away with just the basic Camping and Hiking gear like a tent. sleeping bag, water, and non perishable food. For multi-day Camping and Hiking you will need to gear up with a Camping and Hiking stove, more food and a water purification system of some sort. Above all you need a good map and compass, as well as knowing how to use them. Get away from the crowds and grab a friend and do some back country Camping and Hiking . is a great place to start for planning a Camping and Hiking trip in New England or for that matter any ware on the East Coast of the US. And don't forget the map and compass. And when your on the coast you can find many good day hikes. Yes even on Cape Cod. Check out the Mashpee Woodlands in Mashpee MA.

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