Friday, November 03, 2006

Minus -16 On Mt Washington NH Tonight

All outadoors persons should check out The Mt Washington Observatory web site. At the time of this post it was -16.4f. I feel for any hikers on the trail tonight. Here's what they have posted. A high pressure system sitting over the eastern US will hold our weather conditions fairly consistent for the next two days. A low chance for light snow showers today and tonight continues on the higher summits due to upslope cooling. Winds will be consistently similar to yesterdays. Temperatures will fluctuate from overnight low temperatures in the single digits to the lower teens in the afternoons. The higher summits will be sitting in the top of an undercast cloud layer, which means that we could see some intermittent breaks in the fog but there won't be much to see except the sky. Windchills through this forecast period will be 10 to 20 below zero. Check out their link to the left.

The Snows Guns Begin Blazing

So it's been confirmed. The snow guns have been started at Sunday River and Killington. The web sites and forums were on fire last night with reports that these two resorts started blowing snow Nov 2. I'm willing to bet their not the only one's. You can also look for Okemo to start Saturday if not today. This time of year I always find my self at the NOAA web site watching the weather patterns. I'm no weather man, but as a builder for 20 years and learned New England weather patterns out of necessity. When that first blast of cold air falls on us like a over filled water balloon about to let go, we know it's time to put the bags by the front door ready to go. Here's the NOAA- Killington report . The NOAA link will be added to the links. I hope everyone has their gear ready. It sounds funny to some, but it is very important to test fit everything. Their nothing worse than getting to the hill on your first day and finding your gloves have holes in them or your goggles are cracked or even worse your boots need re-fitting. An oversight could mean you'll be the first at the bar that day. Well I'm still building the page. Notice the new links. I will be scouring our local sites and forums for further reports. Thank you please come back.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here we go again. The big guess. Who will open first and when on our side of the country. Well any of us who have actually been to opening day at the Big K, knows ware. The Glades or what ever they call it these days. Wildcat was an awesome surprise last season but not a yearly occurrence from what I can recall. I recommend wearing some padding if you land up at Killington. It can get pretty dangerous under that chair. With so many jonesing skiers in one place and no place to bailout ,their is a high potential for some bad wipeouts. You also might want to wear some padding if you interact on some of the forums that have this subject come up every Oct. They can get pretty nasty. One imparticular seems to have a lot of members who live hundreds of miles from any decent snow, but seem to know more about what's happening around openings than locals. I can pass along one tidbit of info. My sister who has been at the same mountain for 15 years was called in a week early this year. It looks like we will have more competition for opening day glory this year. When I say opening I mean top to bottom none of this 100 foot patch of white dirt. It would be great to see Sunday River make there plans to open next week come together. It's my personal favorite. Thanks For checking out North East Ski Zone. I'm just getting started and hope to have some decent content. You will also see the links list begin to grow. I'm hoping to add a link to every snow report in New England. And a lot of the Adsense will be taken off. I am only a rookie bloger so if you see the page messed up one day it should be fixed fairly quick, so keep coming back. I have a wealth of information to share. I have been skiing in New England for almost 40 years and look forward to any input for this site.