Thursday, August 23, 2007

2007 Cape Cod Air Show Featuring the USAF Thunderbirds

So as I'm sitting in my lazy summer home on Cape Cod trying to think up my next blog and reading 10's of Emails the resorts started sending and the F15 and F16's started buzzing my house. So I crank up The Grateful Dead show from Foxboro. 1991 (eyes estimated) to drowned them out. Just like that, theirs my topic right their. The Otis Air Show is this Weekend. The last couple years the air show hasn't been that great, but with the weather report for one of the last big weekends of summer is good for the Cape. So this year should be awesome. It is a free event and you can walk through the big transports and sit in a F15. Getting to Cape Cod for this event can be easy if you come over the Bourne bridge. You will avoid that traffic everyone hates so much. It's truly one one of the coolest things to do on the Cape. Sitting on the beach or the bars frying can get old fast. Check it out. See your tax dollars at work.