Monday, July 28, 2008

Reduced H-2B Visa's, Resorts Suffer, Ski Resort Jobs

So what are resorts to do when the government stops issuing Visa's for seasonal workers ? Everyone suffers. The patrons, business owners or the workers themselves. Everyone in my opinion. Here on Summer Base Camp Cape Cod I use to own and run a home remodeling company till I was hurt real bad. I use to hire 4 to 10 Irish students to work every summer. Once Ireland's economy turned around the students from Ireland stopped coming. The ones who did come to Cape Cod didn't want to work. They came for fun. We have always had a big Brazilian community, but the Brazilians didn't come to work for me or anyone else really they started there own business's. This created a stir around Cape Cod. Lots of upset folks saying they where stealing jobs. Total BS INMO.
Resorts and restaurants from Florida to Maine are reporting that they have received a 3rd less foreign H-2B Visa Workers this summer (08) and the customers are suffering.
So whats a resort to do ? Hire locals and have huge recruiting events. One of the biggest resort recruiting events is for Vail Resorts. Want a Ski Job at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Heavenly, Breckenridge, Rock Resorts or Grand Teton Lodge. Go to Ski Jobs 1 . Vail has recruiting event around the USA, Australia, Canada and more during the summer every year. Usually in August and September. You can do just about any job you want. From driving a bus to giving ski lessons. They will pay you, house you, give you a season pass and much more. Could be the best days of your life.
A ski resort job is what you make it. Members of my family have been ski instructors for up to 30+ years and still only make $12.00 a hour so don't expect to get rich. Getting a ski resort job is more about enjoying life. If year seeking the comfort of your own home after work every day its probably not for you. If you are hired and offered employee housing you will have a room mate. Making the move to a Ski Resort Job should be thought out very carefully. You will need money before you get to your Ski Job. You will need to be able to support yourself for at least one month ! You will need to work all the Holiday Ski Weeks and if it's busy don't expect to have many Powder Days unless know one can get to the resorts and they don't need you.
All Ski Resorts need employee's and the 2008-2009 ski season they will need even more Citizen due to the Visa issues.
It's been my dream for many years to pack my bags and head to Vail. I lived less than 2 hours from Vail when I was very young and have wanted to work there basically my entire life. I even had a job at Vail ready for me driving a shuttle bus. Which is the best ski resort job you can have ! The week before I was to leave I broke my shoulder.
Lost Dream of working at a Ski Resort ? NO! Over the last four years I have built a Mini Web Site Empire with software named Build A Niche Store and I'm going to try to be a ski bum again. This time I will be more careful leading up to the move. LOL. I'm going to do it and I have my application submitted to Vail Resorts and will be at the recruiting event in Boston August 22 and 23rd 2008. Should work out for me. I have a nice income from building web sites and no kids to support, no dog and oil prices will be so high I can shut my house down and save $2'44.00 bucks in heating bills.
May not even work at a Ski Resort. I have actually done very well building web sites. When you brake your shoulder you can't do anything but sit and watch TV. Not for me, I bought a laptop and learned the SEM and SEO business, (Internet Marketing). My plan is to work at a Ski Resort just enough to get the Free Ski Pass, Food, shuttle bus discounts and a couple other benefits. More than likely part time ski school and find my own place to live. Many, Many Ski Bums rent condos and rent out rooms. Find a nice place to live is easy up till Thanks Giving or there abouts then price's go up. To rent your own place can range from $800 a month to 10K a month. The Towns of Vail and Avon (Beaver Creek) dislike cars ! so they have one of the best shuttle bus systems of the USA Ski Resorts. Roaring Forks. If you can't drop everything like me and just go for it try getting a part time job at a resort within driving distance. Any of the Ski Resorts listed in the sidebar here would be glad to have you. Watch for blog posts about moving to a Colorado Ski Resorts to Work. Hope I have better luck this time.