Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting Outside In New England This Fall

So skiers and snowboarders are chomping at the bit to get into the mountains. Living or visiting New England in September and October means the best back country hiking and camping of the year. The bugs are dieing the crowds have subsided on the trails and your ready to get outside and train for the up coming season.

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My personal favorite trails are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I call Lincoln NH my hiking base camp. You can basically access the hole WMNF from Lincoln. Once you are in the National Forest the choices abound.
Great day hikes are lonesome Lake or The Old Bridle Path. Both starting in Franconia Notch. Their are so many to choose from it is highly recommended you have access to good maps.
Access thousands of hiking trails and unlimited topo maps. Try it free! Topo maps are the best. They not only show you ware you are going but also help you determine the difficulty level of your hike. Hiking in the WMNF can be dangerous if you are not prepared. Even a day hike. Snow is not unheard of in August. The first thing anyone hiking the WMNF should do is pick up a copy of the Appalachian Mountain Clubs White Mountain Guide

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After arming yourself with information and decide what type of hikes you will want to take you will need gear. The type of equipment varies with each type and difficulty of a hike. A day, a over night or a multi day hike.
For a day hike with a good weather forecast you can get away with a Daypack , preferably a Filtering Water Bottle or a couple quarts of bottled water per person, a couple Power Bars or candy bars a Compass and a good rain coat. Potable water is very hard to find in National Forest or State Parks.

For a over night or a multi day trips you will need a large backpack all the above plus a Sleeping Bag , Tent , Light Weight Stove and Freeze Dried Food . You can find a complete list in the White Mountain Guide Book .

Getting out on the trail will get the skiing legs in shape. Do some research and get out their.

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