Monday, November 24, 2008

Man With Jet Pack Fly's Over Royal Gorge Canyon

Jet Pack Man makes 1'500 feet accross the Royal Gorge Canyon in Canon City Colorado. Pilot Eric Scott has done it. Eric Scott had 30 seconds of fuel to set a World Record For a Jet Pack Flight.

Scott Said that the Jet Pack needed to be modified for his flight. We have found a Youtube Video of Eric Scott demonstraiting his Personal Jet Pack.

Skiing is slow in Colorado now and this Jet Pack Pilot has really created a buzz. You YES YOU can become a Jet Pack Pilot. Click Here for details on The Jet Pack Pilot Search.

Locally we had no live feeds from the site, so I'm keeping a eye on youTube for the release of a video and hope to update the Video and have The Actual Jet Pack Flight Accross the Canyon soon