Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Killington Vermont Receives 6 inchs of Natural Snow

Natural Snow WoHo
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Reports from Ski Resorts in the Northeast are on a roll. When most of New England was receiving heavy rain the upper elevations were receiving snow. Killington has reported 6 inch's on top. Enough snow for them to send out emails asking people not to hike the mountain to sneak in some turns

"Kiliington snowmaking crews are working around the clock to build base depths on the upper sections of Killington Peak as they prepare for opening day on Friday, November 16. Currently, there making snow on Rime, Reason, Double Dipper, Rim Run and Great Northern as we are working our way down to the K-1 base. With hundreds of snow guns, high-pressure hoses, snowmobiles, snowcats and heavy equipment moving about the mountain, maintaining a safe working environment for the staff is the number one priority. As a result, Killington respectfully ask that those seeking to “earn their turns” refrain from doing so until opening day. We’re planning on offering Blue Square and Black Diamond terrain for opening day accessible by the K-1 Gondola. No Green Circle terrain will be available. All skier/rider services will be available at the K-1 Lodge.(Source KillingtonTheDrift) The verdict is still out if Killington can even stop skiers from hiking up and using the mountain. There use of the property is a lease and from reports we have heard control dose not start until the lifts start to turn. We will search for information on the subject. One can always hike up the backside via the Long Trail located a mile or so west of the Killington Access Road past Pico. Good research a map and Compass are must have for anyone attempting to assend any back country areas. Never depend on a Cell Phone as a bailout. Bring a whistle and food. Unlimited access to topo maps. Try it Free!

Telemark Equipment and knowing how to use it is how most backcountry Skiers access such areas.

Don't forget your Helmet and Goggles. Early season skiing can get a little scary with a rush of skiers and Snowboarders. If You think about it resorts tend to open one or two a week until Thanksgiving. Between the onslaught of skiers and Snowboarders and limited terrain one should exercise extreme caution and be prepared physically. Having been to many opening days at Killington when they were the first to open for many years is testimony. Normally it would consist of a ride up the K1 Gondola and even skiing or a short hike over to the North Ridge. Once over there you are in an area known as the Glades though the name has been changing. Rime and East Fall Trails are the first to open with the North Ridge Triple Chair Lift and Great Northern as the escape to the Killington Base Area.

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